Pool Installation Photos

Photo of pool
File Photo: Outback Empire Above Ground Pool
Photo of pool
Actual Photo: Empire Pool at former location

I bought a 33 foot above ground pool from a co-worker. I decided that instead of renting a "Bobcat" and getting a health club membership I could save the money and do the digging myself. That was around the end of September... When it gets wet, I go ahead and flood it with the hose to check for high spots.

Half way done - just before Christmas Photo of pool

Three-fourths done - a week after Christmas.
It went fast because it was the 'shallow' end.
Photo of pool

Photo of pool January 17th, 2004
Working into the last 'quarter'. The whole '3rd' quarter needs a bit of trimming down.
Photo of pool

Photo of pool Feb 01, 2004
Some night shots - when I have to work mostly. About 4 1/2 "rows" left. My row is about two two shovel blades wide.
Photo of pool

Photo of pool Feb 07, 2004
Removed the top layer of the last 4 1/2 "rows" left. All sod gone!
Photo of pool

Photo of pool Feb 08, 2004
Removed all the dirt I broke up on Saturday. The photo on the right shows the brick 'well' around the tree to keep it from dying.
Photo of dirt pile

Photo of pool Feb 14, 2004
Photo on the left is the 'dam' used to allow flood checking.
These are the first photos since completion of major digging. Only the 'island' remains. After I shot these I went and dug some on the dry areas.
Photo of pool

Photo of pool Feb 21, 2004
Yes, these photos are mostly for me. I'm using them to check for 'level'...
Sorry if they're boring. You can sort of tell that the channel in the middle (See Jan 17 photos) is filled in now.
Photo of pool

Photo of pool Feb 26, 2004
Flooded after a rain so the photo might tend to be somewhat optomistic, but I really am close now. I'm thinking about some thin concrete to prevent erosion of the walls down onto the pool.
Look at this photo. It's got some ugly spots, but overall it's nearly flat. Photo of pool

Photo of sand Mar 24, 2004
Sand. Lots of Sand.

Photo of pool April 19, 2004
Madisonhenge - All the 'pavers' are sunk flush with the ground.
I've put bricks on the pavers to help me see how deep the water is where they are Photo of pool

Photo of pool April 20, 2004
More level checking, only leveling outer 12 inches.
Nearly done - only need to be within one inch all the way around. Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 02, 2004
I moved the sand this weekend.
All 16000 pounds of it. Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 08, 2004
It was myself, my two kids, a friend and three of the nextdoor neighbors. It took about 2 hours to get done.
Bungee cords supporting on the outside! To prevent wind damage before filling. Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 08, 2004
It was over 90 degrees. Like a desert in there!
Detail of base plate and rail in footing area. Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 08, 2004
The 'footer' stones will be filled around with dirt to make the area flat again.

Photo of pool May 15, 2004
Liner installed. Water being added.
Doing some adjusting while it's shallow.

These photos taken by Lucas.
Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 15, 2004
Have to adjust the sides after the water gets a little deeper.
Well, it's only fair I got to go first, don't you think? Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 17, 2004
Knee deep in the Hoopla.
Kneecaps are installed but not fastened. Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 17, 2004
All done but the skimmer and filter.

Photo of pool May 22, 2004
Lucas in the pool
Photo of pool

Photo of pool May 22, 2004
All done!!!

What's left:
  • Swim!
  • Well, actually I need to attach the ladder to the pool with bolts.
  • And I really ought to run some power out to the shed to power the pump.
  • And Lucas has designs on that old ladder from the swingset!
  • But that would require a deck, and that's another story!

Pool damage and reconstruction
After four years of use, apparent over-chlorination caused the liner to become brittle.
Photo of pool liner crack April 2008
Pool liner crack
Photo of pool
Photo of pool liner crack By the first week of May 2008
Pool liner crack
Photo of pool

Short segment at the beginning showing the pool liner damage.
Video of the pool after the liner was removed.

Pool SOLD!
I decided to sell the pool before I cut the liner to get the most money back.
Photo gone The last week of May 2009
Pool gone all but the ladder and walls.
A piece of the old liner was used
to secure the metal wall in a roll!
Photo of pool
Photo gone The dogs resting in the shade! Photo gone
Photo gone The dogs are like "Wow.
Where did all this sand come from?
And where's the pool?
Photo gone

Operation "FILLING IN THE HOLE" commences
Or "Goodbye old hill, old pal"
Photo gone July 02, 2009
First I moved the sand out of the way.
I want to use it for leveling.
Photo gone
Photo gone I still have my wheelbarrow
and shovels
Photo gone

Two weeks into "FILLING IN THE HOLE"
Or "Why was it again I didn't rent the Bobcat?"
Photo gone July 17, 2009
I'm basically 2/3 of the way done here.
This is 'manditory' Friday off day.
Photo gone
Photo gone I think I'll have enough sand to level the yard. Photo gone
Photo gone I used string to find a straight path
across the hole. The water level won't work this time,
the ground tilts.
Photo gone
Photo gone "Wedding cake hill" Photo gone

Worked all day Saturday too!
Photo gone July 18, 2009
The top of the hill is gone.
Photo gone
Photo gone I've got more sand on top
and another big pie wedge
Photo gone
Photo gone This is the deep part too. I could be done in another week, God willing! Photo gone
Photo gone September: Fast-forward past getting married, loosing my job and going to Arizona for a week. Photo gone